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          China Bath Bomb Gift Sets manufacturer
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          Contact Person : Sophia

          Phone Number : +8618122374201

          WhatsApp : +8618122374201

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          Production Line

              We can provide our partners with a series of services such as research and development, design and production of beauty and hairdressing personal care products. At present, within our monthly capacity of 1000,000pcs and produced in our 4,000 square meters factory which contain 2 independent laboratories, 2 R&D center,12 production lines with around 300 employees.


              Our team management has the director of brand operation from the top 500 listed companies in the world. Had have trained several leading export enterprises in different industries and have our own unique views on team management, corporate culture, brand marketing and enterprise development. There are technical directors and R&D engineers from listed companies, who can develop products suitable for the market according to customer needs, and constantly improve and improve them. Our goal is to help and train customers to become the leading enterprises in the beauty industry!


              As long as the customer provides the model, we can improve the formula according to the sample, and you can also tell us the demand for our production.


              We have partners from all over the world come visit our factory every year. And we always provide professional product solutions according to the needs for different customers. We will continue to develop new products and better formulas in the future, just as we do now.


              Our rich experience combined with our excellent customer service, quality orientated and formulation expertise , because we know those are valued by leading worldwide retailers.
          Weddells is an innovative and enterprising company with strong R&D capabilities. Our strong R&D capabilities provide us the edge over peers as well as with our expertise in the personal care and bio-tech industries enable us to provide on-trend portfolio of formulation yet ability to customize formulation for our customers’ specific needs.


              10 R&D personnel, mainly produces personal care daily necessities such as handmade soap, bath bombs, bath salts, bath suits, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc. our advantage is that OEM and ODM can be carried out according to the customer's needs.

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